Personal information policy
1. Customers have to provide certain information following the way shown from the website( to prevent the money laundering. 
2. It is customers's duties to give updated and accurate information. Impersonation is prevented at any circumstances.
2.1 Under privacy protection act and other applicable laws, the company will never let personal information to go public except for the situation when company has to.
2.2 Personal data can be used as a resource for company's advertisement.
3. Customers providing all the documents that company ask for is a precondition for managing the website; who are denied to give are will be prevented from the service on the website.
4. Company will never make information public unless it is asked to be for the people who approbated. The information will be shared only within the employees.
5. The customer is entitled to refuse to accept the consent of the Company's personal information collection. However, if you refused, you will not be able to use all of your services properly.
6. The company makes utmost efforts to protect its customers' personal information regarding their accounts, customer accounts, and operations.
7. Upon signing the site, the customer will select the user name and password for each customer in the future, and receive requests from the Company for service and operation.To protect your personal information, customers are strongly encouraged not to share login information (including username and password) with other people or other companies. The Company is not responsible for the losses caused by inappropriate(using carelessly or prevented words) username, and passwords that customer decided. 
8. It is customers's full responsible to secure their website accounts. It is crucial you notify to the company for being suspicious of your own accounts being used someone else.
9. If the individual information leakage is acknowledged, the company should inform its' customers about it with no delay. The company can notify about the incidents on the website more than 30days for those who can not be contact.
1) Information that were exposed.
2) The time when it leakage.
3) What actions can be taken by the customers.
4) What actions can be taken by the company.
5) Contact information to the department for the customer counseling.
10. The company should devise for the solutions to minimize the damages.

Membership registration
2.1 registration is based on two stages.
 -Registrate on your own through the website.
 -Confirm customer identification.
To complete the first stage customers should fulfill next steps.
 -Provide personal information to the company.
 -Accept the terms mentioned in the Company's contract, Appendix and contract policies.
2.2 The customer's identification process is carried out by the company to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the data provided by the customer. Customers have the right to refuse the company's personal information collection and consent. However, if you refuse to use personal information and refuse to use it, you will not be able to use all of your services properly.
2.3 The identification process must be completed within 3 business days of the business day after the company has received a request for confirmation. In some cases, the company may extend this identification procedure by up to 10 days.


Payment Policy
1.1 Customers have rights to request withdraw from their own accounts.
1.2 The only method for withdraw and deposit is shown on the website. Customers must realize that the company can not be responsible when it comes to having issues with ways of  payment due to the reason that we have no relationship with any of companies you choose to pay. If the customers were promised for the compensate, 

1.3 The way of the company taking responsible for customers' funds is as indicated on the website. In a way of customers managing their accounts, we are authorized to close accounts or cancel the contracts if any illegal acts are found. 
1.4 If the technical issues occur, the company should take full responsible to restore to its former condition as soon as possible.

Refund Policy
1.1 To withdraw, the customer must request a withdrawal request from the site.To complete the request, you must select one of the withdrawal methods and fill in all the necessary details.
1.2 When the withdraw request goes through, the statement will appears to be "request complete", and the amount of money that were asked for will be excluded from the account and it will be "proceeding". The amount of money requested are transferred now to customers' accounts(wallet) when it shows "processed"
1.3 We are welcome to take inquiries one by one and it will takes 2 business days at maximum; longer than 2 days will be taken thus circumstances at the company.
1.4 Withdrawal can only be debited by the account specified by the payment system account.
1.5 When customers ask for the withdraw, the company automatically will transfer money to the account registered on the website.
1.6 Customers are required to proof the payment was made to ask for the withdraw if there is no action of transact after deposit. Company has the right to take fees from refunding and the trading.
1.7 Company has the right to claim fees caused by the processing system and from the refunds when customers asked for after their accounts were closed from violating the policies.